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Bread Factory


When our handmade breads are combined with the finest ingredients, then no one can resist this pleasure. Our sandwiches are the rewarded enjoyment of snacks, functioning as an ideal snack but also as a complete meal.

Salad with Naxos gruyère

Α combiantion of 3 vegetables (rocket, iceberg,lola), chicken fillet, Naxos gruyère and sweet corn. Accompany it with a citrus dressing!

Double egg

Two eggs baked in the oven, on a crispy bacon nest, in a bun focaccia. It is preferred baked for even greater enjoyment! 


Classic combination of freshly baked wholemeal bread with smoked turkey, gouda cheese and mayonnaise. A snack ideal for any occasion.

Chicken Tortilla

Healthy, light and quick snack for wrap lovers. Roasted chicken fillet with freshly cut Iceberg combined with gouda cheese.

Chicken Nuggets

Tender and juicy chicken fillet, breaded with a crispy crust accompanied by Parmesan and honey sauce.

Turkey Sandwich

Choose the type of baguette (wheat, whole wheat, multigrain) and enjoy the smoked turkey at its best!

Vegan Salads

Made from excellent materials, rich in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, which improve the functioning of the immune system. Lettuce in particular, is an excellent source of many vitamins, folic acid and fiber.

Veggie burger

Fluffy burger buns with juicy vegetable burgers, capable of making you reconsider for the vegan diet!

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